What impact does Brexit have in regards with “Certificate of Recognition” issued by a UK based Part-147 Organisation?

A “Certificate of Recognition” issued by a UK based Part-147 Organisation.

2 months have passed after Brexit and the consequences are becoming very clear.

EASA had now published guidance, simply stating that all Certificates of Recognition issued by UK based Part-147 organisation are declared void (in EASA member states). Except for newly issued COR’s after 1-Jan-2021 by foreign EASA Part-147 in the UK, which successfully completed the Brexit early application process.

The UK CAA has issued information to licensed engineers, in which basically they are stating “everything is fine, you can apply for a UK-CAA Part-66 AML”.

Some example and the consequences; if a person (with an EASA AML) has done a Type Training at a UK-CAA and has received the “Certificate of Recognition”, but has not endorsed the Aircraft Type on the Part-66 => the person must do the complete training again. The Certificate will no longer have a value for EASA member state authorities.

Technicians, who have successfully passed the Basic Module Examinations, with for example the Resource Group or AST, can apply for a UK-CAA Part-66 AML. The certificate is no longer valid in Europe.

Let’s hope that UK-CAA and EASA can reach an agreement, but we regard these changes is being very small.