Knowledge Centre

By combining the many years of knowledge and experience of our multi-disciplined Group Partners, we have created not only a great team, but also a knowledge centre that is a place where you will find information and resources for, and about Aviation Compliance and Safety.

We are Transparent

Whether it’s a question or a need for support, we share information openly and completely. With clear communication in plain language and openess about our faire prices we will make sure you have all the information needed to make a dicision if you would like to commission us for your project.

Work Smarter, not Harder

By means of our innovative mindset and track records in improvement concepts we ensure that we can transform your management system, processes and procedures into effective tools that ensure the desired outcome: Optimal Compliance, High level of Safety and Revenue increase.


Civil and Military Aviation Maintenance Companies, Aviation Technical Support Service Providers and Regulatory Agencies and Authorities can reach out to us for our broad range of services.


We develop and implement Compliance & Safety Management Systems, Processes and Procedures and we also help organisations to obtain their company certification(s). We also create knowledge transfer by making the knowledge of our specialists and experts available to our customers.


To maintain your company certification, we offer our experts for ad interim positions in the field of Compliance & Safety management support.

In addition, as independent specialists and experts, we can audit your management system and related business processes for regulatory compliance.


Through innovation and proven improvement concepts, we will propose improvements wherever possible and realize them where necessary.

In addition, in the field of training we are able to transfer knowledge and skills to all employees within your organisation.


Our specialists and experts can assist your organisation in the event of changing regulations or with the need to expand your business activities.

With years of experience and up to date knowledge, our specialists and experts will determine which approach will best deliver optimal expansion.

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