What are the benefits of implementing a 9100 quality standard?

By managing, controlling, and auditing your own processes, as well as having an outside certification body verifying that your QMS meet the requirements, your customers can know that everything is well in hand.

As the internationally recognized standard for aerospace Quality Management Systems, AS/EN-9100 is based on seven quality management principles that are recognized as necessary to make a Quality Management System work. Your customers will be content to know that your QMS is also based on these principles. To find out more about these principles, which are also applicable to ISO 9001, see this article on The seven quality management principles behind ISO 9001 requirements.

One of the biggest benefits of AS/EN-9100 certification is that every certified company must be included on the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OAIS) maintained by the IAQG. This is a searchable database that is available for any company in the aerospace industry that is looking at supplier selection and surveillance, and includes not only information about each company, but also contact information for purchasing.