What sections of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is applicable to ASA accredited distributors, in relation to the requirement of having a system in place that governs the control and transport of Hazardous Materials?


In revision 05 of the ASA-100 standard a new requirement is added, being:

15. The distributor shall have a system in place governing the control of hazardous material and transport of hazardous material that meets Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR).

This requirement was already detailed in FAA AC 00-56B and is now also included in the ASA-100 rev 05.

CFR 49 describes in Subchapter A the Hazardous Materials Program requirements related to transportation in Part 105 – 110.

CFR 49 describes in Subchapter B the requirements for Oil Spill prevention and response plans in Part 130.

CFR 49 describes in Subchapter C the Hazardaous Material Requirements in regards with handling and shipping (by Rail, Aircraft, Vessel or Public Highway) in Part 171 – 180.

Depending on the activities of your organisation and the parts or items that you organisation handles and ships, several requirements in Subpart A-C could be applicable to your business activities as an ASA accredited distributor.

We advise you to determine the applicability of each and every requirement in Subpart A-C and with that adjust or re-define your control system for HazMat handling and transportation.