Is it required by EASA Part-145 to have a Foreign Object Debris (FOD) control program?

No, there is no direct FOD programme requirement in EASA Part-145, but the impact by contamination and dust is detailed in EASA Part-145.A.25 (a) and (c).

EASA Part-145.A.25 (a) requires that the facility should be protected from the wheather elements and Specialised workshops and bays should be segregated to avoid work area contamination.

EASA Part-145.A.25 (c) 2. specifies the following:

Dust and any other airborne contamination are kept to a minimum and not be permitted to reach a level in the work task area where visible aircraft/component surface contamination is evident. Where dust/other airborne contamination results in visible surface contamination, all susceptible systems are sealed until acceptable conditions are re-established.

A program to control FOD is most effective when includes training. All personnel should receive training in the identification and elimination of FOD, including the potential consequences of ignoring it. Effective training include procedures for removing and eliminating FOD at its source, and should be reinforced through the use of posters and signs. Recurrent training is necessary to help maintain an awareness of FOD.