How do foreign non-domestic Maintenance Organisations apply for CAAC Maintenance Organisation Certification (MOC)?

The CAAC describes on her website the following steps for initial application, being:

Step 1: Submit the application form for issue of maintenance organisation certificate (F145-1).

CAAC has an online IT system, all required documents should be uploaded into Portal: In order to get an account you need to contact CAAC to get Portal Account.

Contact information:

Ms ZHAO Yayan: (for companies from Germany, UK, Canada and TAI Wan).

Mr GU Jiazheng: (for companies from USA, EXCEPT those from state of TX, CA and FL).

Mr ZHANG Lei: (for companies from France and Asia, EXCEPT those from TAI WAN).

Ms ZHAO Yang: (for the rest companies).

Step 2: Write the Maintenance Management Manual (Refer to AC-145-5 for instructions on development of the Manual and submit this to the CAAC portal as well.

Step 3: Upload the Maintenance capability list to the CAAC portal (only for applicant applying for aircraft component or line maintenance function of Airframe ratings).

Step 4: Submit the Compliance Statement and other related documents. See AC-145-1-en-Application Guide for Domestic Maintenance Organization Certificate for details on the statement and related documents

Step 5: Submit the Letter of Intent from the customer. The following letter of intent acceptable to CAAC is necessary for initial application and adding new functions/ratings:

  • i.A letter of intent from Chinese customer.
  • ii.A letter of intent from non-Chinese customer, the supplemental proof document shall be included or submitted separately to show the business intent may be traced back to the demands of Chinese customer eventually.

Step 6: Upload A copy of latest valid Maintenance Organization Certificate issued by the national/regional civil aviation authority (e.g. EASA Form 3) on the CAAC Portal.

Step 7: Formal Meeting with CAAC in Beijing & Notification:
New applicant should meet with related with PMI for interview, and CAAC will notify applicant with formal notification.

Step 8: Documents review and Onsite Audit.

Step 9: Certification.

Important Remark: Management of the Maintenance Organisation that applies for the CAAC MOC needs to conduct formal CAAC CCAR Part-145 training in Beijing.